If I could make my own app

My music app is one of those apps I use daily like my messaging app. There have been apps which have excited me, but weren’t complete as a whole. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to do so on my own, I feel with more time this app could actually grow.

“Defining Music” is what the app is referred to. Even though I do enjoy music, it always come with a price tag. If I’m able to find a way for a free download then it’s happening. Albums and mixtapes maybe presented overall well to others but I play through the whole thing to decide which songs I like. Which gave me the idea of making something review-able before sound even comes into play.

"Defining Music" presented by Buildfire App

“Defining Music” presented by Buildfire App

This is a front view of the app as soon as it opens: This never seen before app is made for people like you. Who would rather enjoy sound than motion pictures. With the ability to keep up with live information at current music events. Defining Music is that friend of yours who is giving you detail by detail. If there is any concern you may want to check out the review widget to give you a breakdown of any content of music available. The best part is, it’s free!

Now that spring break is here I’ve given two locations on the app that are music driven. The 1st is Austin, TX who is swamped with not just music lovers but other interactive media fanatics. I haven’t had the pleasure to attend SXSW but I’m always hearing good things about it. Friends of mine have meet celebrities where I thought I might have only seen them on TV. A little secret to the people in attendance, the VIP badge isn’t really necessary because you can sometimes walk the streets and hear the music outside.

The other location is Panama City, FL. A place consisted of thousands of college students nationwide. I’ve never experienced a beach vacation this far away from home, unless you want to include South Padre Island. With San Marcos being close by central Texas everything is land locked, moments like this make enjoying music that much better. I would like to be able to take a survey or update my app while I’m there to update my information. That’s how it can be for others to upload their experiences to the venues widget and share with others their music experience.

"Venues widget" to help with locations you're visiting.

“Venues widget” to help with locations you’re visiting.


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